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Ivory Wud gathers inspiration from our ancestors and their beautiful Vedic traditions, handed down to us through disciplic succession.

Our Inspiration & Indian Philosophy

Life revolves around nature.  Human body is made of Pancha Bhoota (five elements )-  Prithvi (earth), Varuna (water), Agni (fire), Vayu(air), and Akasha (space). According to Indian Philosophy, Pancha Bhoota is associated with the overall health of human beings. 

Dhee Ventures is a place where inspiration is taken from our ancestors and the beautiful Indian traditions, handed down to us through disciplic succession.  Nature, one- of- its- kind and luxurious products for the skin, hair and body, food products for great health and Lifestyle products that Mother Nature would approve of will be found at our hub.


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I have been using Dantapala oil for my hairfall issues for almost 6 months now and am very satisfied with the results.



I had lost a lot of hair due to frequent travel and stress at work, and was looking for a solution for hairloss. Dantapala oil has helped me immensely for hairfall. I recommend all to use this..



I used to have persistent hairfall and inspite of using many products I did not have any effect..
After using Dantapala oil, hairfall has reduced drastically and I am happy with the results.

Supriya S