About Us

Dhee Ventures

Combining the goodness of nature and the essence of ayurveda into everyday solutions for health, hygiene and grooming – Dhee Ventures believes in embracing the benefits of “green” and natural products, not only for the Earth but their customers as well.

Our Inspiration & Indian Philosophy

Life revolves around nature.  Human body is made of Pancha Bhoota (five elements )-  Prithvi (earth), Varuna (water), Agni (fire), Vayu(air), and Akasha (space). According to Indian Philosophy, Pancha Bhoota is associated with the overall health of human beings.

Dhee Ventures is a place where inspiration is taken from our ancestors and the beautiful Indian traditions, handed down to us through disciplic succession.  Nature, one- of- its- kind and luxurious products for the skin, hair and body, food products for great health and Lifestyle products that Mother Nature would approve of will be found at our hub.

Our Vision

Dhee Ventures believes and follows age old, Indian traditional natural remedies that have been meticulously sourced and recreated in convenient, modern forms that are practical, hassle free and innovative.

We seek new techniques and ingredients to ensure that we offer the best possible natural and one-of-its-kind products to our consumers. Our mind and body are interconnected and affect each other tremendously. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance by nurturing your whole self. Harmony in the soul, mind and body is the key to ultimate wellness and happiness, and as such attaining this balance should be an important goal for every individual.

Dhee Ventures embraces the benefits of “pancha Bhoota” and brings all natural products keeping in mind one’s well being.

It’s all about bringing it back to basics. We strive to achieve a broader, more accessible marketplace for natural products that will improve the quality of life for consumers worldwide.