Straight from the slopes of the mighty Western Ghats, Ivorywud Dhantapala Oil is our handmade infusion that nourishes both skin and scalp with the goodness of Svetakutaja.


The Silent Valley is home to a little known tree called the Wrightia Tinctoria. Ivory Wood or Dhantapala as it is known locally, has superior medicinal properties and is highly effective in the nourishment of skin, hair and body. By following indigenous techniques of preparation, the leaves of this Ayurvedic plant yield an oil extract with a characteristic wine-red colour.



Classical Ayurvedic texts describe the Svetakutaja as the perfect antidote for Dosha imbalance in the body.

A distinct composition of Dhantapala leaves is soaked in coconut oil and sun dried.

The extract is then infused into the above composition (Sun-dried coconut + Dhantapala leaves) to obtain an exceptional blend that treats even the most acute skin conditions.



Being a herbal astringent, it is both safe and effective for skin & scalp conditions.

Used for Dermatitis, Dermatophyte or fungal infections such as dandruff, scaling & dryness, redness, itching, lesions, inflammation, pigmentation and other skin problems to the extent of psoriasis.

Eliminates lesions to give rise to smooth, glowing skin.

Possesses strong anti-dandruff qualities that reduce hair fall, promote overall hair health together with healthy skin.



For skin and scalp care, Ivorywud Dhantapala Oil can be applied as normal, left for an hour (best if left overnight) and washed with a chemical-free soap or shampoo. We recommend following this procedure daily for 10 days to clear dandruff. As the condition heals, usage of oil can be reduced as required.


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