Our finest selection for skin and hair care is the Ivorywud Oil. This range exemplifies good health and wellbeing with constituents that include herbal, non-toxic and natural-based ingredients like basil and vetiver. This infused preparation is derived through a meticulous process, admirably referred to in Kerala as the grandmother’s recipe.


Vedic wisdom comes to life in a profound mix of Dhantapala leaves, Tulasi, vetiver and coconut oil.

The infused oil treats hair fall and dandruff caused by imbalanced Tridoshas.

With a natural base of Coco Glucoside, made from coconut oil & glucose, and natural Ginger as the Active organic agent, the all-natural effortlessly handles scalp irritation to give you the luxurious experience of a spa.



The anti-inflammatory traits protect against skin ailments such as itching, scaling and dryness.

Healing properties of Tulasi are used in the treatment of headaches, asthma, cold, joint pains, inflammation, premature greying of hair and skin diseases. Its soothing fragrance, stimulates the mind, reduces stress and refreshes the skin.

Vetiver root extracts render instant relaxation to the mind and help in cell regeneration. Its remedial and mood-stimulating properties rejuvenate, detoxify, replenish the body.

Vitamin and mineral-rich Ginger adds lustre to hair and strengthens it. Its antiseptic properties remove dandruff, improves blood circulation and prevents hair loss.



For skin and scalp care, Ivorywud Infused Dhantapala Oil can be applied as normal, left overnight and washed with chemical-free soap or Ivorywud Organic. We recommend following this procedure daily. As the condition heals, usage of oil can be reduced as required.


Wholesome infusions of basil and vetiver supplement the healing power of Svetakutaja oil, which, when combined with a soothing organic oil, provides for a fervent cleansing process.




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